Admission Procedure

Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) opens two batch registration periods, i.e. registration period (batch) 1 is February until April; and the second batch is in May until July. The result will be announced by June and August respectively.

Application is made directly to the graduate school via the Bogor Agricultural University (IPB)’s online application portal ( following steps and procedure should be followed for admission to master and doctorate program at IPB:

  1. Register through online portal
  2. Click on[Process of Registration > Create Account] and fill in the coloum provided.
  3. Once it is completed, applicant will receive 8-digit registration number.
  4. The registration number, called billkey, is required when applicant pays registration fee via Bank BNI. Registration fees are IDR. 750.000 - for in-country or national student and USD 100 - for in-region or international student)
  5. Registration fees should be paid directly through Bank BNI. Applicant will receive PIN (12-digit number) which is printed on the payment receipt either via Teller or ATM BNI.
  6. Back to the portal, click on [Process of Registration > PIN Verification] and fill in the required information, then click [Process] button.
    1. If PIN verification succeeds, online registration page will be appear and applicants should fill out all required data/information.
    2. Applicants fill out required information gradually.Applicants can continue filling out online registration through menu [Process of Registration > Form A].
  7. Applicants must complete the form A and upload all required supporting documents those are required in selection process, namely:
    1. Valid copy of Undergraduate Certificate and Undergraduate Transcript which are endorsed by Dean, and payment receipt from BNI (for admission Master program)
    2. Valid copy of Undergraduate Certificate, Master Certificate, Undergraduate Transcript, Master Transcript which are endorsed by Dean, and payment receipt from BNI (for admission Doctorate program)
    3. Scientific Document (B Form (only For Doctor Applicant))
    4. Three (3) letters of recommendation, at least one from an academic staff member from a university. The referee must hold at least a Master Degree (C Form).
    5. Statement of financial support (D Form).
    6. Statement of document validity (F Form).
    7. Synopsis of research proposal (3 pages maximum).
    8. Academic Potential Test is a mandatory for Applicant with the Grade Point Average between 2,00 - 2,50 (For Master) with the score of Academic Potential Test > 450, and Grade Point Average between 3,00 - 3,25 with the score of Academic Potential test > 475 (For Doctor). The schedule of Academic Potential Test is available at UUOPT Bappenas.
    9. TOEFL certificate.
  8. Result of selection will be announced on the Website of IPB Graduate Program - Notification letter can be download through menu New Student Selection-PMB, after log-in to the system. Make sure applicants always keep username, password and registration number.
  9. For MSc in IT for NRM program, it is a mandatory to submit TOEFL score (within last 2 years), and score is more than 53 (iBT), equal to 153 (CBT) or 475 (PBT) or 5.5(IELTS).

According to Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) of Graduate School-IPB, evaluation and selection are made based on completeness and compliance with the required documents, and conducted in two stage evaluations. In the first stage, the application documents will be evaluated by IPB Admission Committee (PPMB), while the final decision of admission is made in the plenary meeting attended by head of program, dean of faculties and chaired by Dean of Graduate School of IPB.