Organizational Structure

The advisory board of the program consisted of Dean of the Graduate School of IPB, Dean of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, and Board of Director SEAMEO BIOTROP. The head and secretary of program are designated by Decree of Dean of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and accountable to the board. The head of program presents and submits an annual report in the advisory board meeting which is conducted every year. The head and secretary of the program assisted by administrative, finance, laboratories and student’s affair staff. Lecturers are responsible to the head of program in the implementation and delivery of courses. The organization structure of the management of MSc in IT for NRM study program is described on below picture.


The MSc in IT for NRM study program was accredited B by The National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (Badan Akreditasi Nasional Perguruan Tinggi, BAN-PT) with Accreditation Certificate No. 005/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/M/I/2014.

Certification: ISO 9001: 2008 – QMS Requirement

The MSc in IT for NRM study program was certified ISO 9001:2008 since June 2011 with Certificate No. QSC 00915 on the scope of Education, Training and Dissemination of Information Technology for Natural Resources Management. The ISO provides a framework of quality management system to manage the MSc in IT for NRM study program and ensure continual improvement in all aspects of the study program implementation.

Quality Assurance

The MSc in IT for NRM Study Program ensures the implementation of Internal and External Higher Education Quality Assurance System according to Government of Indonesia and IPB regulations. At the institutional level, the Quality Assurance System is stated in IPB Rector Regulation No. 22/I3/PP/2011 on Quality Assurance System. This regulation is set as the Quality Assurance System in all institution units in order to improve the quality academic services (education, research and community service) and non-academic (administration and management).

The program been implementing a quality assurance system of higher education with reference to the Standard Operational Procedures for the Implementation of Graduate Education at IPB (IPB Rector‘s Decree No. 307/IT3 /DT/2013). The procedures has been integrated into the Quality Management Systems (QMS) document oft he study program. Quality management of the educational process is implemented starting from the domain of input, process, output and outcome as follow:

  • In the domain of input, the quality of candidates is evaluated by the Graduate School of IPB, Faculty and Study Program. The evaluation is based on Grade Point Average (GPA) obtained at undergraduate program (S1), Academic Potential Test (TPA), English proficiency (TOEFL), and relevancy of the S1 program.
  • In the domain of process, the study program regularly conduct evaluation of curriculum, lectures (attendance of students and lecturer, student academic ability or GPA, the performance of lecturer in teaching) and thesis (duration to finalise the thesis, research topics, and mark). Monitoring is done intensively for the learning process both internally at the levels of study program, graduate school, and faculty.
  • On the output domain, the evaluation is based of academic performance (student GPA), English language proficiency and study duration.
  • On the outcome domains, the evaluation is based on performance of the alumni in the community and the world of work is done through communication with graduates and satisfaction survey tot he user oft he graduates.

Quality Objectives of MSc in IT for NRM Study Program

The program quality objectives are:

  • Graduated on time students minimal 80%, with GPA = 3.25 and lecturer having evaluation index value more than 3.0 minimal 90%;
  • All research results of MSc in IT for NRM students should be published on scientific journals; (3) new students intake is more than 10 persons per year;
  • Promoting MSc in IT for NRM to international institution such as cooperation program and double degree program;
  • Implementation of at least 1 (one) seminar/workshop per year and international collaboration with at least 1 international institutions;
  • Proposed equipment list and infrastructure maintenance at the end of the year;
  • Monitoring, evaluation and development of Quality Management System (QMS) at MSc in IT for NRM program every year;
  • Maintaining the accreditation of ISO 9001:2008 and accreditation of Higher Education from National Accreditation Body (BAN PT); and
  • Maximizing of alumni association.