Team Teaching/Lecturers

Prof. Dr. Handoko
Course given: Computer Simulation Modeling in Agriculture

He is a professor in the Department of Meteorology, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). Prof. Handoko’s work focuses on agrometeorology, climate change and simulation modeling in agriculture. He served as Deputy Director for Resources Management and Communication of BIOTROP in 1997 – 2002, served as Director of BIOTROP in 2003 – 2008. During his term as BIOTROP Board of Directors, he initiated and established MSc in IT for NRM. In 2012 – 2015 he served as Deputy Director for Program of SEAMEO Secretariat, based in Bangkok, Thailand. Currently, he is also head of Meteorology Laboratory, Department of Meteorology, IPB.

Prof. Dr. Herry Purnomo
Course given: Modeling in Forestry

Herry Purnomo has a PhD in forest management and policy (2002) and a BSc in agricultural meteorology from Bogor Agricultural University, as well as an MSc in computer science from a joint programme between the University of Indonesia and the University of Maryland, USA. He conducts research on criteria and indicators of sustainable forest management, adaptive collaborative management of forest, company–community partnership, forest governance, mitigation (REDD+), adaptation to climate change and furniture value chains. Purnomo has participated in scientific conferences, workshops and seminars and has visited forests in Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia and South America.