Team Teaching/Lecturers

Dr. Impron
Course given: Computer Simulation Modeling in Agriculture

Dr Impron serves as head of MSc in IT for NRM program for period 2016 - 2020. He is also a lecturer at the Department of Geophysics and Meteorology, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). His work is broadly covering around the agrometeorology (agroclimatology) and climate change themes including vulnerability assessment, climate change adaptation and mitigation, capacity building and development of climate responses strategies and climate proofing.

Prof. Dr. Kudang B. Seminar, M.Sc
Course given: Information System and Technology, Decision Support System

The research domain of Prof. Seminar includes Computer-based Control Systems for Agriculture, Knowledge Management System for Agriculture & Precision Agriculture and Distributed Artificial Intelligent System (Multi agent Systems). He is involved in several collaborative international research with George Mason University (USA), Ehime & Tsukuba Universities (Japan). He is an author of national and international articles, a reviewer of International Agricultural Engineering Journal (IAEJ). Currently, he is the Dean of Faculty of Agricultural Engeneering at Bogor Agricultural University (IPB).

Dr. Hartrisari Hardjomidjojo
Course given: Modeling of System Dynamics, Natural Resources Inventory and Management, Decision Support System

Dr. Hartrisari has been working on the area of agro-based industrial technology, especially on the knowledge operation management and system engineering for the development, improvement, and evaluation of agro-industries. Study and application of operation research techniques for process optimization, techno-economical feasibility study for industries and modeling for industrial performance have been done for different scale of industries. She has also developed dynamic models for industries and environment that can be used for decision support tools for managers and government as industrial stakeholders.

Prof. Dr. Asep Sapei
Course given: Hydrological Modeling

Prof. Dr. Asep Sapei has been working on the area of land and water resources engineering, especially on irrigation and drainage, soil and water conservation engineering. He teaches courses on the subjects of geotechnics, hydrology modelling, soil and water conservation techniques and hydrology engineering. He is also a lecturer at Soil and Water Engineering Division, Department of Agricultural Engineering, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Bogor Agricultural University. His professional memberships are Indonesian Society of Agricultural Engineer, Indonesian Society of Soil and Water Engineer, Indonesian Society of Hydrologist and Indonesian National Committee for International Comission on Irrigation and Drainage (INACID).

Dr. Etty Riani
Course given: Natural Resources Inventory and Management

Physiology and ecophysiology of aquatic animals, and ecotoxicology are area of expertise of Dr. Etty Riani She really concerns on sustainable development by promoting bio-energy development, bioaccumulation of toxic materials treatment, and water ecosystem conservation and management.